About SRT

SRT company was founded by a group of Volkswagen Audi group tech specialists in 2012.  Despite to the youth of the brand SRT, the practical experience of the company's specialists in the auto tuning in cooperation with several world tuning brands is more than 20 years. Using our long-term experience in tuning, established relationships with world brands, and many of our own developments, the company entered to the Russian auto tuning market under it's own Brand. SRT is engaged in development and implementation of technologies for retrofitting and tuning. Our Company's clients usually are official dealerships of the Volkswagen group brands like Audi, Porchse, VW and Skoda in the Russian Federation. However, our company is also open for cooperation with businesses in other regions - the main condition is the ability to provide high-quality service for a customers.

Main activities of the SRT company

  • Modification of the engine with replacement of parts and software
  • Reverse engineering of software for modern control units
  • Correction and development software for various control units in modern cars.
  • Development and sale equipment for car diagnostics and tuning
  • Installation of optional original systems for Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, and Porsche cars
  • Development, design, production of aerodynamic packages for Audi and Volkswagen cars
  • Production of carbon parts and decorative finishing with carbon for original parts
  • Development and production of retrofit intallation kits for Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche cars
  • Technical support and support for the end customer or remote installation center during installation and operation our additional equipment
  • Analysis and statistical processing of the information

Legal notice

SRT group consist from several companies, this web site managed by SRT LLC : 


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